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Did you know that if you eat a Twinkie at the county fair, it has no calories?

Especially if it’s deep-fried and drizzled with chocolate and sprinkled with powdered sugar. There’s something about the taste and the smell of fat-laden food and barbecue, combined with the colorful sights and the beautiful peal of laughter in the air that combines to create an I-don’t-give-a-flying-flip atmosphere. And if you don’t give a flying flip about something then it doesn’t exist right? Well sort of.

Our mind shapes our reality.

For example, I don’t get nervous about new situations or fear change. I get excited, I get anxious and impatient. Of course those feelings can be one in the same, but for me I don’t see a reason to get nervous or fearful, therefore those feelings just don’t exist for me. That’s not a mind shift that I’ve implemented (although you can do that and it works the same). It’s just been a natural part of my thinking since I was a child embracing adventure with open arms.

There’s also a downside to how our minds shape reality.

Maybe you’ve had that friend who can’t seem to find a mate. This friend will complain that all the good ones are taken or that they only meet people with negative issues, and they lament that there’s no one out there for them. Usually the reality is, that “the one” is out there, probably within their vicinity, they may even know “the one” but just don’t know that they are already acquainted with that person. Truth is they don’t care. What is real for them is their ideal that hasn’t manifested yet. And you probably see it all for what it is and simply shake your head.

Likewise, your mind can negatively shape your business.

After spending many years building Beach Betty Creative as a business writing services, copywriting, and digital public relations company, I let it go.

About two years ago I felt the pull of my former life as a newspaper reporter, and I missed the camaraderie. When I was presented with the opportunity to become editor of a alternative newsweekly, I considered turning it down, but instead jumped on it. I knew that the job would take all of my energy and focus, and so I let go of the majority of my clients, referred them out to other companies, and closed my doors. With the exception of one: the fairpark that runs our county fair and local strawberry festival. (How could I give up such a fun client?)

After nearly two years of 60+ hour weeks devoted to the paper, I no longer thought about my business. I didn’t have time. And it failed to exist. All the work I had done to get my website to reach top website rankings, all the connections I had made over social media, they were gone. All the client referrals stopped. My mind wasn’t on my business and so it ceased to exist.

Late last year I decided it was time to go back to what I loved and cared about so much for all those years. I began considering leaving and I started thinking about how to revive my business. Almost miraculously, I ran into someone who asked me if I knew of anyone I could recommend to help with their marketing campaign. Me! I thought.

Then there was more. I attended a mixer and ran into an acquaintance who once said they weren’t ready for marketing but now they are. Another potential client from the past called out of the blue and said he was ready to work with me. Then a few newspaper editors contacted me and asked if I was available for freelance assignments. I was also asked to give a workshop on marketing to business owners.

Love your business like it’s a giant ice cream sundae and calories don’t exist.

The embers of my business were still smoldering and suddenly there was a spark that just happened to coincide with my thoughts–and likely my subconscious actions–to revive my business. I immediately gave notice to take on these projects.

Of course there were other reasons I left the newspaper job, too: the desire to spend more time with my family, the possibility of grad school, and the fact that I actually made more money from my business then as an editor.

So two months later I’m back full blast, my calendar is full of projects, my bank account is full too, and I’m loving having the evenings and weekends to spend with my family. And of course, I’m totally looking forward to handling publicity for the fair this year and eating those wonderful calorie-free deep-fried Twinkies.


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