I’ve never been a morning person. Big whoop right? Few people are. The thing is I’ve actually learned to be a morning person these days. On most days, even though I may be tired as heck and my body may not want to cooperate in actually putting my feet on the ground and standing up, I still get an excited feeling inside. Excitement about what the day holds.

Sometimes I’m even bummed if I sleep in because I feel like the day has begun without me. Like life is going on and people are making things happen. I changed my perspective on mornings but not by some dorky little trick like setting my alarm earlier each morning or not hitting the snooze.

Use the snooze

Actually, hitting the snooze helped me find my solution to the morning blahs. That’s because in those 10 minutes I don’t actually fall asleep. I usually set my brain to work during those minutes. I will think about what I’m going to wear or go over the order of my to-do list. The act of making my brain work as I lie there is usually sufficient enough to get my body going.

Pop-Tarts await

I didn’t realize it but I started this as a kid. On school days, even when I had a solid eight hours I couldn’t get out of bed. I dreaded it. So I would coax myself out of bed by thinking of something special.

As a kid I would remind myself that there were Pop-Tarts. As the oldest of five kids this was also effective because if I didn’t get up in time there was a strong chance there wouldn’t be any left. I’d imagine the Pop-Tarts, the smell and the taste of them, in that 10 minutes of snoozing and it always worked. When there weren’t Pop-Tarts I’d use something else. A new outfit, a date or something else that was compelling enough to pull me from bed.

Keep a Pop-Tart file

As I grew up that compelling thought grew up too and on the days when I wasn’t disciplined enough to get out of bed and I really needed too I would think of that one thing that would make placing my feet on the cold tile worth it. And believe me, some days it was difficult to come up with something.

What I was doing dawned on me and I began to use it purposefully. I may still hit the snooze but I use that time to set my brain in motion on the days my feet don’t start. Now my brain automatically does this.

Try coaxing your mind awake before your body by setting things in motion the night before. Along with your to-do list jot down a few things you are looking forward to about the next day. Then mentally think about that list on the mornings you just aren’t feeling it. You may never be a morning person but you will begin to start your day off with something to look forward to.

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