Today is the anniversary of the day I found myself in the middle of a Japanese Obon Festival in my laundry day underwear clutching a kimono to my chest.

You see, last year I declared it my Year of Awesome—and looking back, it really was. Part of creating my Year of Awesome was to say “Yes” in order to be open to opportunity. I believe that opportunity doesn’t just come to you; you create the atmosphere that attracts opportunity. So the more I said “Yes” the more doors would open for wonderful things to happen both financially and in the experiences I had.

I said yes to my business, I said yes to producing a play I had wanted to put on (despite having absolutely no background in theatre), and I said yes to dancing at the Obon Festival. It was beautiful and colorful and an amazing immersion into the Japanese culture.

However, it took 20 minutes for a tiny Japanese woman to pinch, squeeze and stuff my large-framed, 5’10” body into a kimono. The surprising thing was it took less than 60 seconds to unravel and rip that constricting—but beautiful—thing off of me after the dance, look down and discover someone had stolen my clothes. Everyone else’s belongings were in exactly the places they left them. Only my clothes were missing.

I ran outside to the middle of the square in the midst of all the fully-clothed revelers eating teriyaki chicken and found my sister who was waiting for me. I told her my clothes were stolen and a slow smile spread across her face as she lifted her phone and began to text—I’m assuming—everybody in her contact list, to tell them about my embarrassing incident.

Someone kindly lent me their own kimono to wear home (because mine was borrowed), and a piece of ribbon to hold it together.

It was embarrassing but it was epic.

Unfortunately that day my camera died and so the only picture that exists is this one that someone snapped:

Creating opportunities

Me at the Obon Festival, when I used to be Japanese–and a blonde.


Still, that day exists in living color in my mind. It was a great experience. Today I’ll go visit the Obon Festival again, not as a dancer, but as a fully-clothed visitor and it will serve as a reminder to me to make sure I’m living my life and experiencing the things around me.


Take the First Step to Changing Your World


Here it is: You absolutely need to change your perception.

Everyone wants more money. We want it so we can travel so we can experience stuff. But lots of times in that quest we forget to experience the awesomeness around us. I’m not saying money is not good. I love the frickin’ money, but it won’t come if you don’t open the door for it.

First step: Start Saying Yes


This is your assignment this week: Say yes to at least three out-of-the- ordinary things each day this week and see how it feels.


Seriously take note of what it feels like to say yes to something new because that feeling is one you’ll want to be able to recall later as you progress your business. But we’ll get into that later. For now, just say “Yes” to saying “Yes.”

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