Depending what generation you were brought up in, you may have been taught that the best path in life is to secure a great job, keep your nose to the grindstone and stay there until you retire. If you were brought up in a middle class household maybe you were told to get into a government position like working with the county or the city. If you were upper middle class you were probably told to finish college, join a fraternity or sorority and draw on your networks to climb the corporate ladder. Either way, that advice may have been good back in the day but it’s worthless now.


Why you don't need a job

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These are the days of the Apocalypse. OK not really but I like to think of the money making landscape as a dry and barren Mad Max style place where anything goes and all the old rules won’t stand up against the new revolutionaries. It’s an every man for himself place where ingenuity and opportunism are king.


You can think of it as a positive Wonka-land place where opportunity exists in every corner and money hangs off trees for those creative enough to find a way to reach it. Either way, this ain’t your grandma’s work place. So take that old square frame off this picture and start thinking free form. That means one thing—you’ve got to lose your job.


Why your job is holding you back

You’ll never get rich with your current job. You may think you are secure because you get a steady paycheck but we both know you really aren’t. That paycheck can stop coming at any time. Then where will you be? I’ll tell ya, you’ll be out hitting the pavement along with the rest of the corporate world looking for that company that wants to grow rather than downsize in this economy.


There’s no excuse for that anymore. These days if you stretch your mind you’ll find you can make money in a variety of ways. Right now people are making cash by changing brides names for them when they get married at ( or by getting hired to be faux paparazzi and take pictures of average people paparazzi-style ( or driving a catering truck that caters to dogs (

That’s out of the box thinking people.


The thing about being your own boss is that you can make money whenever you want. You can turn the faucet on and have lots of beautiful shiny dollars flow out or you can turn it off and catch your breath. If you really need an influx of cash you can let that faucet gush. The thing is you are in control. When was the last time you were able to pad your paycheck to pay for that little trip to theFiji?


In order to take control of your life you need to first get in the mindset that your job isn’t security, you are. Your job is actually an anchor holding you down and you alone can choose to set yourself free. Now is the time to make the decision to shift your thinking away from the “safety” of the anchor and get the courage to start believing in yourself. Are you ready?


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