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Recently, I produced a play. You can read about it at When I shared my idea with friends and family, it was amazing the responses I got. Initially, not one was supportive. I got a lot of confused looks and questions like “Did you always want to produce a play?” “How long have you had an interest in theater?”

People were even more confused by my answers: “I have never wanted to produce a play and I’ve never especially had an interest in theater.” I simply was going to do it because I wanted to. It was an idea that popped into my head and I thought “Why not?”

The experience was everything I thought it would be. I meant for it to be a collaboration of artists, musicians and, not actors, but real people. I wanted to give a voice to people who don’t always have the audience to tell their stories. I accomplished that and it was a very awesome experience. One that still makes me smile as I write this.

I made a little bit of money from it. Had I planned it a little better and not let those nagging doubts creep in I could have made a lot more while still accomplishing my goal of showcasing this local talent. And that’s the point I want to get across here. Sometimes you don’t have to have a reason for doing something other than you are simply doing it to live the experience. However, it does kick ass when you can live the experience and make money while you are doing it. That’s not hard to do. It takes a bit of practice. Start learning how to live for the experience and then monetization will come in due time.

Shelly Cone is a journalist, public relations professional, and press release writer. She is also the owner of Beach Betty Public Relations, a California lifestyle design company offering press release services, media relations and collaborative marketing events to help you design your life by growing your business.

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