I started this week out spending the day in San Francisco with my family. We walked around Fisherman’s wharf, ate seafood at a restaurant overlooking the bay, and we took a walk over the Golden Gate bridge. We did all the little touristy things families do. But before I even left the hotel that morning I got up a little early and completed two projects that netted me $200. It took me two hours to do, and I did it while everyone else was showering and getting ready.


Yesterday I spent the day shopping the the mall with the kids. When I got back I had emails from a couple of potential clients. This morning I spoke to three potential clients and closed two of them. Tomorrow I will finish two more projects which will net me $300. Then I’ll head out to the pool.

I’m not bragging. Although yeah, I’m pretty darned excited that I can do this. But anyone can. It’s called lifestyle design and I’ve spent the last two years building a business so that I can design my own life. So that I can take vacations and do what I want and still earn money. You can and you should do the same.

It’s about living a full life

For many years I have tried to build a work life that allowed me to enjoy my personal life. In doing so I’ve run many different types of businesses. There’s been lots of trial and error. Usually, the error came from losing sight of the real goal. Too many times the temptation of becoming “known” in my field made me lose sight of the fact that I wasn’t working toward becoming the hot shot in my field. I was working toward making money come to me while doing my own thing. And sometimes the way to do that means you work in relative anonymity.

It’s hard to be famous, it takes a lot of work

Most people would love to accept fame. Whether it is of the celebrity nature or simply being the top of their career field, having recognition is a natural human feeling. It may seem like famous people have it made. Sure there might be perks, but have you thought about what it takes to keep that fame? What is expected of famous people? A lot.  There’s schedules to keep, appearances to make, places you’ve absolutely got to be at not to mention the actual work that is required. Fame in any of its forms is fleeting and so you have to work hard to keep it.

What you really want is freedom

While some people crave the actual fame, what most others want is freedom and the lifestyle that comes with being famous or having a successful, well-known business. I’m not one of the major bloggers you see on the internet. However, I do OK and I still get to travel and do all the things I want. Now, would I complain, if blogging stardom hit me? No. But when you keep focused on what it is you really want — freedom, money, travel, time with my family–not being a star is OK. Because right now I’m writing my own ticket. I’m creating the life I want and that’s all that really counts.

Now it’s your turn. How are you going to go about creating income that will allow you the life–and freedom–you want?

Shelly Cone is a journalist, public relations professional, and press release writer. She is also the owner of Beach Betty Public Relations, a California lifestyle design company offering press release services, media relations and collaborative marketing events to help you design your life by growing your business.

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