Businesses are jumping on the wings of Twitter because its shown to be enormously useful for attracting the attention of customers and for building your brand. But can Twitter work for Realtors?

Unequivocally, yes. When you start a relationship with your clients you should ask how much they rely on emails and whether they are on Twitter or Facebook. Tell your clients that you like to be able to get them data on a prospective house ASAP and that you use these tools to help you do that.

Here’s how you put Twitter to work: You are a busy real estate agent on caravan and you are previewing the perfect house for one of your buyers. You are excited, and you know your buyer will be elated. But you are on caravan and won’t be back to the office for another hour.

You can grab a picture of the front of the house on your phone and include the photo link in a Tweet highlighting why the house is a winner. For example: “123 Main St. This one has a lap pool!” Include the picture link and send it. Not only will your client see the house if they have Twitter but so will any other clients.

In standard email you would have to send out a mass email to all of your contacts, which can make your client feel like just one of many. But on Twitter you can broadcast the same message and everyone keeps their egos in tact.

Beach Betty PR can help your real estate agents get started on setting up Twitter and Facebook accounts. We have team members with both real estate broker and journalism experience. Contact us at or call Shelly at (805) 757-7772.

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